Treatment of ingrown toenails by excision.  A very popular complaint of those with ingrown toenails is the lack of definitive treatment. Many are frustrated after a doctor’s visit to only receive creams and antibiotics as treatment. This usually does not solve the problem.  We provide actual removal of the nail, resulting in great relief of pain and prevention of progressing infection.


Drainage of abscesses. An abscess is a painful pus- filled collection under the skin. They can be found anywhere on the body, some common places are the armpit, buttocks, and groin area. Rarely do abscesses resolve themselves. Warm compress may be recommended. This is rarely successful. Professional incision and drainage are often required. We use sterile technique to perform this procedure. Local anesthetics are also used to keep the procedure as painless as possible.


Laceration repair. A laceration is simply a deep cut on the skin. This usually occurs secondary to trauma. If the laceration is deep enough, stitches may be required. This procedure is performed under sterile technique and with the use of local anesthetics to decrease pain. This procedure prevents infection and minimizes ugly scars.


Medical screening with immediate test results. Exams offered are:

  • Sexually transmitted disease testing such as Chlamydia and HIV.
  • Hemoglobin A1c for diabetes.
  • Influenza testing and strep throat testing.
  • H. pylori testing for peptic ulcer disease.
  • Urinalysis for urinary tract infections, and pregnancy testing.
  • Cholesterol testing.

All these tests are performed right away at your visit to our medical center. Your results will be given at the time of the visit. You will not be sent away to an external laboratory for a blood draw. Treatment is also immediately available for most positive tests. This Excludes HIV and diabetes treatment.

Respiratory treatments for asthma.

Treatment for minor allergic reactions.

Access to medical supplies and equipment. Another very common need appears to be for simple medical equipment such as nebulizer machines for asthma.  Many emergency department visits can be avoided if the nebulizer machine is available to the patient. Also, other medical supplies such as diabetes testing kits, strips, and lancets will be made available. By subscribing to our service, the cost of the supplies will be minimal. Speak with us about any supplies needed. We had access to a large inventory of equipment and supplies.